MTF Post-op - Female

katecleer22   (open in a new window)

I love to become a female

Hi im kate and im looking for someone that well exsapt me and help me and push me to the mix to become a female that I whant to become if u have qustions just ask me and I git back to u o btw my facebook name josh dragon if you want to get to talk and it be more reliable to get a hold of me ...

25 years old | Mesa, Arizona

Last time online: Within 1 day

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ceenie   (open in a new window)

Mature post op woman

There are some really pretty girls on this site and some very attractive guys. Im not sure what I want but maybe he's here. Im low maintenance and easy to get along with, race doesn't matter. but a tall guy is my preference. ...

49 years old | Atlanta, Georgia

Last time online: Within 1 day

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cloyster220   (open in a new window)

MTF girl, looking for friendship with males and FTMs

I'm a warm natured MTF looking for friendships with males. I would love to speak to someone with half a brain for a change, I like having deeper conversations, with people I can connect with emotionally. I am musical and love animals, especially obscure ones with interesting lives. I love my pet budgie too. More of a cosy night in person, I'm also a huge nintendo fan. Please send me a message I'd... ...

22 years old | United Kingdom, Cheshire

Last time online: Within 2 days

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lorry21159   (open in a new window)

Looking for you

I am a pre-op trans woman looking for dating ...

56 years old | Midland Park, New Jersey

Last time online: Within 2 days

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kendra00   (open in a new window)

Sexy Pre Op, MTF On Hormones

Sexy Pre Op Trans woman who is is in search of my match.Open to anyone that gives me that spark. I want a real relationship,Love,Friends are always a plus . I think we will both know it.I have a high sex drive lol. Im fun to be around,and understanding. I love to chat,so dont pass me by femal or male its the spark that counts. Yours Truly! Kendra ...

51 years old | New Brighton, Minnesota

Last time online: Within 2 days

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susan44   (open in a new window)

Miss looking for Mr

Thank you for stopping by - especially if your genuine and looking to meet up (always socially) I'm a 'post' op lady, just trying to get on in life and have a laugh along the way (wish you were here) My friends have me a thoughtful, caring, sensitive but they are sweet friends. I'm comfortable in heels, or walking boots and enjoy a variety of activities from country / coastal walks, travelli... ...

44 years old | United Kingdom, Rubery

Last time online: Within 2 days

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solo1949   (open in a new window)

A sensitive woman to share life's treasures.

63 years old | Australia, Brisbane

Last time online: Within 1 week

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kaylagrl   (open in a new window)

Looking for others with like interests

46 years old | Sevierville, Tennessee

Last time online: Within 1 week

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ellelauren   (open in a new window)

MTF Looking for Something More Serious

I'm from Maryland looking for something more serious and decided to give this site a try. It's difficult to find men that are genuinely interested in pursuing a relationship with a person who is MTF. Since I don't plan on resorting to wearing a blinking sign in public (as I transitioned at a young age and easily pass) I made a profile here. I have many interests including cinema, music, an... ...

28 years old | New Windsor, Maryland

Last time online: Within 1 week

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sexiblatina3   (open in a new window)


Looking for a sweet man to sweep me off my feet! A man who wants to assist and WATCH ME morph into a BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY!!! Prince Charming of course would be ideal, however I'm open minded and excited to meet new people! ...

25 years old | Tampa, Florida

Last time online: Within 1 week

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