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ellelauren   (open in a new window)

MTF Looking for Something More Serious

I'm from Maryland looking for something more serious and decided to give this site a try. It's difficult to find men that are genuinely interested in pursuing a relationship with a person who is MTF. Since I don't plan on resorting to wearing a blinking sign in public (as I transitioned at a young age and easily pass) I made a profile here. I have many interests including cinema, music, an... ...

28 years old | New Windsor, Maryland

Last time online: Today

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stejci   (open in a new window)

Lonley In need of a little affection

I am a fairly classy lady starting full time but not passable. Hoping for a mutually affectionate anything. I prefer that it does not involve sex, sexting, etc. Stejci ...

34 years old | Manistee, Michigan

Last time online: Today

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susan44   (open in a new window)

Simply looking for a nice guy

Thank you for stopping by I'm a post op lady, just trying to get on in life and have a laugh along the way (wish you were here) My friends have me a thoughtful, caring, sensitive but they are sweet friends. I'm comfortable in heels, or walking boots and enjoy a variety of activities from country / coastal walks, travelling, cooking, eating out and classic cars! including participating in rallie... ...

44 years old | United Kingdom, Rubery

Last time online: Within 1 day

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pinkscent   (open in a new window)

I am a transgender girl living in Brooklyn who is learning from every experience life has to offer. I am looking for the man of my dreams and even if I never get to find him, at least I will arrive to my last day in life knowing I did try to find my soul mate. I am very spontaneous, caring, motivated, down to earth, and sweet person. I would like to find someone who is around my age, passionate, i... ...

27 years old | New York City, New York

Last time online: Within 1 day

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lella954   (open in a new window)

Need you to know me..

I`m a fully transitioned female,since I was 22 years of age. I would like the experience to have a man know about me,i would think that would be truly liberating. I`m European born,5`7" and 127 lbs.and 59 years of age I`d like to meet an intelligent ,sexy guy with a great body,that, would certainly get my attention.. ...

59 years old | Hallandale Beach, Florida

Last time online: Within 2 days

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ceenie   (open in a new window)

Mature post op woman

There are some really pretty girls on this site and some very attractive guys. Im not sure what I want but maybe he's here. Im low maintenance and easy to get along with, race doesn't matter. but a tall guy is my preference. ...

47 years old | Elberton, Georgia

Last time online: Within 2 days

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dreamraven   (open in a new window)

Seeking LTR With The Right Person

I'm bisexual, i am a crossdresser wanting to become female full time but currently i only dress and appear as a female on the weekends,i'm caring,very honest,fun,strongly open-minded and supportive,i'm also a bit flirtacious, i'm not big on the bar/club scene, i love hanging out with friends,i love animals and i'm a cat person, i'm a homebody type person which means i tend to spend more time at ho... ...

33 years old | Salina, Kansas

Last time online: Within 2 days

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solo1949   (open in a new window)

A sensitive woman to share life's treasures.

63 years old | Australia, Brisbane

Last time online: Within 2 days

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lvlybrntte   (open in a new window)

I am A Pre-op Milf looking TS

I'm looking for someone thats is genuine and not looking for a one night stand, if thats what your about FORGET ABOUT! Be honest and be sincere. I love men who have a great personality. And can enjoy the best of both worlds. ...

48 years old | Las Vegas, Nevada

Last time online: Within 2 days

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kaitlin459   (open in a new window)

looking for love

hello im kaitlin im a pre op male to female transgender on hormones im sweet honest caring easy to talk to and i love to just be my self i live in a studio apartment with my dog tylee if you have any questions or want to get to know me more drop me a message on here ciao ...

32 years old | Tucson, Arizona

Last time online: Within 2 days

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